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We help organisations like yours, build digital experiences which are accessible and inclusive, and comply with Government requirements - both at home and overseas. This allows you to create better experiences for people who use your services.

We can help you

We can audit your existing website to identify barriers, train your staff or consult on projects where accessibility is an ongoing requirement. We can help you at any stage.

Web Accessibility

We test websites, web applications and web content using automatic and manual testing techniques.

Web Accessibility

We can provide support if you have questions about accessibility testing techniques or strategies.

Web Accessibility

We make web accessibility easy to understand with our customised training.

Organisations we’ve helped

We've worked with some of Australia's largest organisations and emerging startups with their web accessibility requirements

ACT Government
Cahoot Learning
QBE Insurance
Enabled Employment

Case studies

The case study of Enabled Employment is a good example of identifying straight-forward fixes which give quick accessibility wins and immediately improves the site.

Web accessibility audit report

An audit is a good first-step to assess the accessibility of your website. It identifies those parts of your website which are inaccessible, and explains how to fix those problems. The report explains why each issue is a problem and rates it by severity level, which helps you prioritise what needs to be looked at.

In depth testing and auditing
We test against WCAG 2.0, ATAG 2.0 and Section 508 using automated and manual testing techniques
Solutions and recommendations
We explain each problem and how it can be fixed and provide useable code and examples
Our reports are competitively priced and all costs are transparent which helps you budget

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